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Miracle Natural Super Wild Honey (515gm)


Miracle Natural Super Wild Honey (515gm)


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🐝Super Wild Honey contains active nutrition that is 7 times better than average honey. It can restore one’s vigor, eliminate menopause symptoms. It also can aids recovery if applied on burned or cut skin.   🐝Healthy lungs: The effect of black honey in moisturizing lungs and cough is very significant because it can effectively moisturize the lungs, can reduce inflammation, expectorant. For people who moisturize cough, you can take black honey and steam with Sydney edible.   🐝Soothing sleep, black honey is rich in glucose, vitamins, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients, which can regulate the function of the body system, relieve nervous nerves and have the benefits of promoting sleep and improving sleep quality.   🐝The dark color of honey is affected by the pollen and mineral content of the honey plant. Some pollen is darker, so honey is darker.   🐝And if honey contains a lot of iron, copper, and other minerals, it will also make the color of honey darker.   🐝Black honey has a mellow taste and rich nutrition. It contains rich vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes, collagen, proteins, amino acids, aromatic substances, etc. These are all amino acids necessary for the human body.   🐝The brain neurons require the highest levels of content in honey, and the fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body, which can improve the nutritional status of the blood and have an excellent refreshing effect.

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