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保龄蜜 – Polleney Pure Honey – 454g


保龄蜜 – Polleney Pure Honey – 454g


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POLLENEY Pure Honey originates from the nectar of a rare species of flower called the Autumn-Linden found in the unpolluted Siberian highlands. The nectar of Autumn-Linden is rich and pure due to its growth in the unpolluted landscape and fertile environment.Bees in that area only collect nectar from these Autumn-Linden flowers during late fall (Autumn), which is the period before their hibernation. Thus the honey they produce (POLLENEY Pure Honey) comprises of high nutritional properties, which will enable them to live through the harsh winter. Since the nectar collected by these bees is from a single kind of flower, POLLENEY Pure Honey embodies a strong Autumn-Linden fragrance that distinguishes it from other honey.

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