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Miracle Natural Multiflora Honey 515gm


Miracle Natural Multiflora Honey 515gm


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🐻Multiflora Honey can purify the blood, prevent blood vessel problems and prevent the hardening of an artery. This product can be used along with Miracle Organic Brown Rice Vinegar and some fruits to make fruit enzymes. An herbal enzyme can be made as well by mixing this honey with Chinese herbs.   🐻We all know that honey is a nutritious food, and proper consumption is perfect for the human body. Hundred flower nectar is a widespread type of honey in life. 🐻Drinking honey can promote digestion, and it has a good regulation effect on human gastrointestinal motility. It can improve the normal secretion of gastric acid, and it can also accelerate gastrointestinal motility.   🐻It also shortens the time of defecation, and relieve Gastric enteritis ulcers.   🐻Drinking honey can prolong life, and usually drinking more honey can prolong life and prolong life. Because honey contains polyminerals and vitamins, as well as a variety of active ingredients, people generally drink body honey to promote body metabolism and improve cells. The activity can delay the occurrence of various aging symptoms, can also increase physical fitness, prevent a variety of diseases, adhere to drinking can play an important role in prolonging life.   🐻The nutritional value of Honey:
  • Sugar. Unlike ordinary sugar, glucose, and fructose in Honey do not need to be digested by the human body. They can be directly absorbed and used by human intestinal wall cells, so it does not increase the gastrointestinal burden.
  • Vitamins. Honey contains a variety of vitamins, especially B vitamins, which contain 300-400 micrograms of B vitamins per 100 grams of Honey.
  • Organic acids. Honey contains a variety of acids. Organic acids include gluconic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, formic acid, and malic acid. Inorganic acids include phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid.
  • Minerals. Such as potassium that is good for the body and mind, calcium that strengthens the bones and bones, phosphorus that enhances the brain, magnesium that acts as a sedative, iron, copper that supplements the blood, etc.

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